Frequently Asked Questions


We understand how the rental process can seem a little daunting to start withbut rest assured its easier than you may think. Keep reading to answer any queries you may have. If there is anything we haven’t covered please reach out to our head office on 1300 858 911, we’re here weekdays from 8:30 am - 5 pm (SA time). 








Apply to buy any time


Return any time after the minimum rental period


Low monthly payments


No ongoing account keeping fees





How does the rental work?

The rental agreement lets you apply to buy your gear at any stage or return after thminimum rental period has been met. It’s a great choice if you want to be certain about the equipment you’re thinking of buying.



Is it a sale by instalment?

Unfortunately, what we offer is not a sale by instalment, instead, our rental agreements offer you the flexibility to chose to return after the minimum rental period, apply to buy or continue renting for the full term of 36 months (about 3 years).



What’s the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 6 months for both our preloved items, and brand new equipment.



When can I return?

As long as you’ve met your 6 month minimum rental period you can return at any time. If that’s 7 months or 14 months that’s up to you. As soon as you’re ready we can send you details to return back to our head office via one of our couriers.



Can I buy my equipment?

You can apply to buy at any stage, even after the first rental payment. Your minimum rental period only applies if you want to return the goods. 



What about insurance?

On most of our gear, we offer an optional protection plan. Our protection plan is different from insurance and doesn’t cover every possibility. However, it does cover accidental damage, fire and theft by forced entry in Australia. To find more on the specifics you might want to reach out to one of our team members. 

You may also wish to check with your current insurance provider, sometimes rentals can be covered under your contents insurance.  



What about repairs and servicing?

To get the most out of your rented items, you want your equipment in good working order. Unfortunately, we do not cover consumables, for example, bike tyres.  



How long until I'm approved?

Our application team receive a lot of applications daily, when they're busy it can often take 1-2 business days until you're contacted. However, sometimes you may hear back right away. Be sure to keep your phone turned on, or regularly check your emails.



When will I receive my goods?

If you have been approved for preloved goods, these are in our warehouse and waiting to be sent out to you the following business day. Brand new goods, however, can take longer as we do need to order these in from our supplier first. We usually quote 5-10 business days for us to receive the goods, then a few extra days until it reaches you. If there are any delays one of our team will be in touch. 



How are payments debited?

Payments are debited monthly, on a set date. When you send your application, we ask you for a credit card to draw these payments from. If this date falls on a weekend or a national public holiday, payments will be debited the following business day.  



Do you do credit checks?

Yes, all of our applications are subject to a standard credit check and affordability assessment. It’s something we have to do by law as we are an accredited credit provider.



What if I miss a payment?

Don’t worry, we understand it happens sometimes! A $16 dishonour fee is added to your account but if you call us within 48 hours (about 2 days) and correct the missed payment we are happy to waive the fee.


 In future, if you have any troubles with the timing of your payments please get in touch at least 1 business day beforehand and we can hold this for you.



What if I change my mind?

If you choose an item from our preloved range, we can offer you a 14 day (about 2 weeks) cooling off period, just so you can make sure it’s right. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer a cooling-off period on our brand new stock for a change of mind. However, if you have met your minimum rental period you can return straight back to us.



What is your interest rate? 

When you rent with The Polygon Group, we don’t give you a loan, we give you the rental of the equipment. The equipment stays our property and the payments we charge you are rental payments. The rental payments are calculated on a variety of factors, like the price of the goods and length of your agreement. 



What if I'm on a Visa?

If you are currently on a Visa, we would love to rent our products out to you! Unfortunately, we do have restrictions on the amount available to these applicants. Companywide we unfortunately are unable to rent goods that have a higher value of $1,500 or $70/month to people who are on a Visa.