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Who we are and where we come from


Who are we and where did we come from? Sportcorp Australia is a member of The Polygon Group, and all-in-all we've been a rental company for a long time. Nonetheless, things have changed a bit since Mike, Daryl and Dave started a video store back in 1984!


Over the next 35 years, The Polygon Group would grow to rent a lot more than movies. 


It all started with music. Daryl was a professional musician. It was his contacts in the industry which led the three of them to sell sheet music to schools in Adelaide. That's where things got interesting.


Someone asked if they could rent instruments, and they thought, why not? They started Music Rentals Australia and rented instruments to schools. 


Then the instrument rental business went beyond schools to private customers. People of all ages who have a passion for music. From there The Polygon Group has followed our own passion to areas like photography, bikes, golf, technology and we continue to grow. 


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Why we still love what we do?


We've always based our rental program on passion. We understand that you don't have to be a professional to be passionate. You don't have to be on the pro circuit to want a new bike or set of clubs. True passion is born of joy, not financial reward.


That's what we offer. The chance to follow your passion. To create. To play. To learn. To get inspired and inspire others. We help people follow their passion every day.


We love seeing the photos and videos people capture and going on your journey with you. Tag us with #ExploreTheOutdoors to get involved. Make sure you also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with promotions and competitions! 






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Passions are not fixed; they are fluid reflections of where we are in our lives. They change and develop as we grow and have new experiences. Our rental program allows people’s equipment to be as fluid as their personality. Following your passion doesn’t mean you have to have a lifelong desire to join the PGA Tour; it’s about exploring areas that spark your interest, developing your skills and then using those skills to contribute to something beyond yourself.



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