Mizuno JPX 900 Driver

Mizuno JPX 900 Driver

Mizuno JPX 900 Driver Mens, Right Hand

Driver shows some vague superficial wear but is in good condition. Club features a Fujikura Speeder 569 Evolution 2 stiff flex shaft that measures 42" in length in conjunction with a variable loft head. Does not include adjustment tool. Comes with head cover.

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The most adjustable driver that Mizuno has ever created. The Mizuno JPX-900 Driver is suitable for lower or higher handicappers, due to its ability to have the loft, lie and even face angle changed from the one driver. 

Weight System
A huge part of the Mizuno marketing campaigns has been based on the level of adjustability from the JPX-900, especially from the new weighting system. This improved system features two 8 gram weights that can be selected to achieve an optimised shot shape or launch angle, specifically for each individual. 

Face Angle
A similar concept has been used with other drivers from other manufacturers, but this one wins for pure simplicity. 
The silver plate at the base of the driver allows for the face angle to be changed. Sliding the weight forwards closes the head, with the face opening when the weight is moved to the back position. 
Adjustable hosel
The head of the JPX-900 can be removed and then repositioned into one of the different loft settings that ranges from 7.5 to 11.5 degrees.

  • Harmonic Impact Technology - Providing the great acoustics at impact.
  • Highly adjustable design - 450cc head packed with a weighting system and face angle plate. 
  • High performance shaft as standard