XXIO Prime 9 Driver

XXIO Prime 9 Driver

XXIO Prime 9 Driver

This driver is in great condition but shows some minimal contact wear. This driver is fitted with a XXIO SP900 Prime shaft and comes with a head cover. No adjustment tool included.

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The No.1 Golf Brand in Japan returns with the latest range of lightweight, fast and forgiving equipment. At 36 grams, the XXIO SP-900 shaft is one of the lightest on the market, which will increase clubhead speeds for golfers requiring that extra distance. 

The shafts are designed with a premium Toray T110g and use different materials at the top, middle and base of the shaft to improve performance throughout the swing. 

The heads are lightweight and include draw bias features to help fix the destructive slice. A lower and deeper CG location allows for easy launch with greater forgiveness. 


  • Ultra-Lightweight SP-900 Graphite
  • Draw Bias design
  • Increased MOI and Improved CG location