Nike Engage Square Wedge

Nike Engage Square Wedge

Right Hand, 35", Wedge Flex, 60 Degree

This Nike Engage Square Wedge is in as new condition and has not been used for any purpose likely to cause wear or condition variation, but may show signs of being handled in the context of display stock. This item features a true temper Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft.

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The new Tour inspired Nike Engage wedges have been carefully designed to 'Engage' in a variety of different short game situations. Three different Engage grinds allow for us to perform score saving recovery shots, from all over the golf course. Tour players have been the main focus of inspiration within the range, as they face different situations on a day to day basis.

The Tiger Woods inspired Square sole was created for a more square club face approach. This supports golfers who prefer to align the club face to the target on pitch and chip shots. 

The combination of X3X grooves and Tour Garnet Blast creates a very rough and reactive club face for high spin numbers, which will rust over time for even more responsiveness.