Mizuno JPX EZ Driver

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver is in great condition, showing minimal contact wear due to previous use. This club has a Fujikura Six XLR8 shaft. This driver includes a head cover, but no adjustment tool.

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The Mizuno JPX EZ Driver has been innovated to provide the forgiveness of a non-adjustable driver, whilst still including weight ports for shot shaping requirements. This has been achieved by reducing structures inside the head that is usually required to house a weighting system. This keeps the weight very low and deep in the driver head for a huge increase in MOI for great forgiveness and produces a penetrating ball flight. The 10g weight can be easily installed into one of three weight ports to provide a fade, neutral or draw shot shape.

A larger confident inspiring profile allows for stress free golf swings from a larger fitting area. The rounded crown provides a more stable head at impact, allowing for greater ball speeds from off centre strikes. An easily adjustable 4-degree e-loft hosel provides the golfer with a personal fitting tool to achieve the desired loft and shot shape within one driver head


  • Non-adjustable driver forgiveness in an adjustable driver head.
  • E-loft hosel to achieve the desired loft and lie angle.
  • 3 weight ports to install a 10g weight for easier shot shaping.

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