Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG Wedge

Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG Wedge

Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG Wedge

This Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG Wedge is in as new condition and has not been used for any purpose likely to cause wear or condition variation, but may show signs of being handled in the context of display stock. This item features a true temper Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex Shaft.

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The latest release of the RTX range arrives with an improved CG location, rougher milled face and specific grinds to suit each individual golfers requirement. 

Cleveland have 3 grinds available for the RTX-3 which includes the V-LG, V-MG or the V-FG.

V-MG - Mid sole that allows the club face to be opened or closed. Very versatile and is ideal for most conditions.

Cleveland has altered the CG location to a more centred club face position. This has been achieved by shortening the hosel length and installing a Micro Cavity. This provides a total weight saving of over 8g, which has been moved behind the sweet spot. 

New Tour Zip grooves are deeper and narrower than the predecessor to offer improve spin control. There are two Micro milling patterns in the RTX3 range, that allows for progressive spin throughout the set.