Ridley Noah Fast Force AXS Road Bike

Ridley Noah Fast Force AXS Road Bike

Ridley Noah Fast Force AXS Road Bike

This Ridley Noah Fast Force AXS Road Bike is in great physical and working condition, and rides well. Included is 2x MOST carbon bottle cages, FORZA computer mount, Shimano pedal dura-ace SL and a SRAM force charger.

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  •  Ridley’s top level aero road bike, ready for competition
  • Race geometry puts you in a position to launch an attack or chase in the sprint
  • F-Surface Plus tubing technology saves watts with its aerodynamic shaping
  • F-Steerer allows for fully internal cable routing through handlebar and stem
  • Direct-mount brakes further the aerodynamic advantages
  • 12-speed Force eTap AXS has precise electronic shifting and an increased gear range


 Ridley’s Noah Fast has been refined to further the aerodynamic advancements that make this bike a perennial favourite for pro tour sprinters and local crit racers alike. With a version of the Noah in its catalogue for the past decade, Ridley has long been on the forefront of aero frames. This latest version of Ridley's fastest road machine, the Noah Fast Road Frameset, brings a host of details boosting stiffness, comfort, and aerodynamics while losing some grams in the process. We paired the precision shifting of SRAM’s Force eTap AXS drivetrain with the Noah Fast to make this the perfect partner for next season’s race.

 The new Noah Fast is a stunning machine indeed. Every line, shape, curve, and detail is designed with aerodynamics in mind. While we're used to seeing Ridley's dedication to aero details in the past stem from integrated seat masts, cutouts at the fork blades and seat stays to reduce turbulence, and hidden, integrated brakes, this new design eschews such features as the engineers have learned how to build a faster Noah thanks to the firm investing in a state of the art wind tunnel (along with a couple of other Belgian brands in a collaborative effort dubbed "Flanders Bike Valley") and the time spent there. What we do notice immediately with this updated version is an ultra-slick seat post clamp, and an all-new fork, designed to work with the integrated handlebar and stem combo to hide the cables.

The key piece to this new fork design is Ridley’s new F-Steerer. Instead of a traditional round steerer tube, the profile on the Noah's steerer resembles that of a half-moon curvature, allowing Ridley to route the housing, sans the front brake housing on this model, fully internal. Ridley claims that the redesigned steerer not only allows for the internal housing, it also increases its lateral stiffness for surefooted descending and wag-free sprinting. Final fork aero touches include small wings just aft of the dropouts to improve airflow and a crown that slots in nicely with the headtube and downtube.

One returning feature is Ridley's F-Surface Plus technology that we've seen incorporated on previous Noahs and its time trial model, the Dean. F-Surface Plus is the use of grooves on the leading edge of the carbon tubing. These grooves create small turbulence in the air, causing the passing air to better follow the shape of the tube, which improves its aerodynamic efficiency by minimizing wind drag. Ridley further innovates with its droplet-shaped carbon F-tubing. Droplet shapes makes it easier for air to follow the curve letting you go faster with fewer watts to the tune of a 4.03-percent savings at 50 km/h. Additionally, the blunt Kammtail shape helps minimize frame weight while increasing stiffness.

Ridley claims that the new fork, seatpost, and handlebar saves around 250 grams over previous Noahs, letting you build up this rim brake version very close to the UCI weight limit without the need of super lightweight (read: fragile) components, for a bike that's simply faster everywhere. World Tour riders like Lotto’s Ewan will certainly enjoy the increased stiffness of the bottom bracket and head tube over its predecessor, furthering efficient power transfer from the cranks to the rear wheel on those fast sprint finishes. And thankfully the days of speed and aero efficiency being mutually exclusive of comfort is gone and the new lowered seat stays offer a bit more vertical compliance for all-day comfort.

Ridley continues to source its carbon fibre from Toray, renowned in the cycling and aerospace industry as a provider of the world's highest quality carbon fibre. For this model, Ridley uses 60T-40T-30T High Modulus Unidirectional Carbon and places the most pliable 30-ton where it's needed for frame flex, comfort, and resiliency and 60-ton where boosting frame stiffness is necessary.

We paired the Noah Fast with SRAM’s Force eTap AXS to deliver precise electronic shifting across a 2 x 12 drivetrain. SRAM’s AXS app allows you to customize component behaviour to match your riding style as well as check on battery life and update when needed. SRAM’s X-Range technology ensures you are always in the right gear by utilizing a wider range cassette and a smaller difference between chainrings, requiring fewer inefficient front ring shifts.



Model Year: 





ca 9800g

Frame Size:                        


Frame Material:

High Modulous Carbon


Road Bike

Front Derailleur:    

SRAM Force eTap AXS

Rear Derailleur:

SRAM Force eTap AXS


SRAM Force eTap AXS


SRAM S-900 direct mount


SRAM Force DUB 12-speed


Noah Fast handlebar


Mercury S5, XDR hub


Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 Tire, clincher | 700c x 25mm