Srixon Z565 Custom Package

Srixon Z565 Custom Package

Right Hand, Srixon Z565 Custom Package

This Srixon Z565 Custom Package is in as new condition and has not been used for any purpose likely to cause wear or condition variation, but may show signs of being handled in the context of display stock. This package includes a Driver (head cover included, Model Srixon Z565 Driver, features a true temper Miyazaki Tour Issue shaft, R Flex, 46", 9.5 Degree Adjustable). 2 Woods ( (1) Model Srixon ZH65 4 Hybrid, features a true temper Miyazaki Tour Issue Hybrid shaft, R Flex, 40.25", 22 Degree. (2) Model Srixon XF65 5 Wood, features a true temper Miyazaki Tour Issue shaft, R Flex, 43", 19 Degree). 7 Irons (Model Srixon Z565 4-P, features a true temper N.S. Pro 980 GH Shaft, R Flex, 36"-39", loft angles being 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P). 2 Wedges (1x head cover included (1) Model Srixon ZU65 3 Utility, features a true temper N.S. Pro 980 GH shaft, S Flex, 39.5" 20 Degree. (2) Cleveland RTX 4, features a True Temper DG Spinner shaft, 35.5", 58/9 bounce). Srixon Cart Bag included.

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The Srixon Z 565 Irons have made Srixon's best iron performance even better. The Z 565 is a highly playable forged cavity back that promotes maximum distance and forgiveness.

Smoother Turf Performance
The new Tour V.T. Sole has been modified to move even more efficiently through the turf, reducing impact resistance and tightening shot dispersion for maximum consistency and control.

Unsurpassed Feel With Distance
Featuring a 1020 carbon steel body, new Z 565 irons are precision forged for the smoothest, most consistent feel. These irons feature a high-strength SUP10 face insert for higher ball speed and more distance.

More Spin Control
All iron faces feature 5 percent larger grooves compared to the previous generation and Double Laser Milling. This improves contact, especially in wet conditions, for consistent spin and control.